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Field and analytical studies of the first Folded Steel Plate Girder System bridge

Author: Scott A. Civjan, Man Hou Sit, Sergio F Breña / July 2013 / Number of Pages: 19


A detailed look at why FSPGS bridges are an effective system for accelerated construction of short-span bridges


Short-span bridges are a key component of infrastructure in the United States, allowing crossing of small waterways and highway overpasses. At the end of 2010, Transportation for America reported that approximately 11.5 percent (more than 69,000) of the highway bridges in the United States were classified as structurally deficient.


New technologies in the civil engineering industry have aided in the development of many unique designs of these short-span bridges in efforts to decrease construction cost, decrease maintenance, costs, increase efficiency, increase constructability, and increase the life of these structures. Many of these structures are being implemented through state Accelerated Bridge Programs.


An innovative structure was recently constructed by the APB in Massachusetts using the Folded Steel Plate Girder System technology, which was developed by Dr. Atorod Azizinamini. The FSPGS system was noted as having “the potential to revolutionize the short-span bridge market” by Modern Steel Construction and received an AISC Special Achievement award in 2011.


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