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Boone County, NE

Boone County, NE.

CDR Maguire contributed Folded Steel Plate Girder System (FSPG™) technology for the completion of the Primrose East Bridge in Boone County, Nebraska. Utilizing FSPG™, four steel girders were set into place in only two hours.

FSPG™ is an economical alternative that requires only light construction equipment to deliver extended service life with minimal maintenance. For this reason, the State of Nebraska Department of Roads selected FSPG™ technology as the ideal option for Boone County’s short span bridge construction and will consider it for future projects because almost 45% of the state’s functionally-deficient structures are less than 60 feet.

The Primrose East Bridge also featured a Geo-Synthetic Reinforced Soil Abutments-Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) and used Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC). The GRS abutments are simpler to construct than conventional deep-foundation supported bridges and result in time savings of 50% compared to normal construction. They also decrease labor requirements, are less dependent on weather conditions, and reduce needed materials. UHPC allowed for a pre-poured deck to be assembled on top of the girders for quicker, more durable, and safer construction.